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In a recent Virginia Tech study TRU-Carbon tested #1 against brands for scent elimination

TruCarbon and TruCarbon H20

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Natural Predator - The Ony True Carbon Scent Eliminator

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TruCarbon and TruCarbon H20

TRU-Carbon H2O


TRU-Carbon H2O is the same activated carbon found in TRU-Carbon made into a pellet for premixing with water.  Just pour the H2O pellets into two and a half gallons of water and watch as TRU-Carbon H2O immediately starts to work.  Within seconds TRU-Carbon H2O effervescent pellets work the scent elimination properties of activated carbon right into your clothing.  This gives you maximum scent eliminating power of a fresh carbon suit time and time again.  And, because TRU-Carbon H2O doesn't reactivate in a dryer, it is simply reapplied with our exclusive MIX, DIP, HANG and STORE method.

TRUCarbon H2O gives you an affordable way to create fresh carbon clothing at EVERY layer, including your long johns! And, best of all it's proven effective, just take a look at a study done by Virginia Tech

Natural Predator Carbon Scent Elimination Tru-Carbon activated carbon powder guarantees you the best scent eliminator designed by nature, carbon.  Use TRU-Carbon to absorb and eliminate human scent odor that wild animals recognize and detect.  Get the edge every hunter needs with TRU-Carbon.


TRU-Carbon activated carbon powder naturally absorbs and eliminates scents on contact.  Its pure concentrate eliminates odors detectible by big game that you didn't even know were there.
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